Skin Care – Once Upon a Time

Imagine just for a moment…you are the Queen of Egypt, or the Empress of Japan. Yes, this is you. Right now. You can have everything you want. Everything. And of course, You Insist on Having the Best Treatments for Your Face and Skin. Well, in case you didn’t know – things were a lot different back then. Let’s take a look at how people cared for their skin during ancient times.

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Skin care has been around for ages…for thousands of years. And as people took better care of themselves, skin care became more and more important. Here are some fascinating things you can learn about the early days of skin care, and how important it was to ancient civilizations.

In the days of Cleopatra, skin care was a sacred art. The Egyptians were the first to develop three simple skin care steps – cleanse, treat and moisturize. Makes sense, right? To begin, they would cleanse with a soap paste made of clay and natural oils. To treat their skin, they would exfoliate by rubbing sea salts to remove any dead skin and debris. As a masque, they mixed milk and honey and generously applied it to their face. And as a finishing moisturizer, the Egyptians used plant-based oils like rich almond oil and sesame – to preserve their youth and help prevent wrinkles.

In Southeast Asia, radiant skin has always been considered a sign of true harmony, health, and fertility. Chinese and Japanese women would consistently apply custom beauty masques, up to three times a day. They also started using tools such as pure jade rollers during facial treatments. Jade rollers would help stimulate and rejuvenate the skin. Mint leaves, pearl powder and flower oils were also used as common ingredients for skin care. The Japanese noticed the benefits of adding massage during a facial to improve circulation. They also developed the first oil-infused silk beauty masques. Silk sheets, infused with essential oils, were applied to the face – to make the skin more beautiful and feel silky smooth.

In Italy and Greece, steam was an important part of facial treatments. Steam opens the pores and helps loosen any dirt or build-up. In the Mediterranean, people also started using rich, mineral-based mud and clay masques. Italian green clay has excellent absorption properties. It is well known for removing toxins and impurities. It can rejuvenate and restore dry and damaged skin. As a moisturizer, Olive oil was considered “liquid gold”, and was commonly used by Italians and Greeks to moisturize and rehydrate their skin. Dried flowers, herbs and fruits were added to the oil to help soothe, cleanse, and nourish skin cells.

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