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Digital Nano Hair Strokes

Find out why thousands of women around the world are enjoying the benefits of Digital Hair Strokes. This new and trendy permanent makeup (PMU) technique will enhance your existing brows with long-lasting results. As a minimally invasive procedure, Digital Nano Hair Strokes brings all the beauty of traditional microblading, but without trauma to the skin.

$650 - 120 minutes

What are Digital Nano Hair Strokes?

Digital Nano Hair Strokes are the perfect choice to achieve the most beautiful and natural-looking brows. Using a high-tech digital machine and ultra-thin needle, individual hairs are precisely drawn with little or no skin irritation. Our highly-trained artist will exceed your expectations – by magically transforming your existing brows and enhancing their natural beauty. Now you can wake up every morning with beautiful brows every day. A Perfection Session is included and required 2 weeks after the initial session.

Digital Nano Strokes

Ombré Powdered Brows

woman with microbladed eyebrows

Now you can get the best brows you’ve ever had. Ombré Powdered Brows are a brow shading technique that uses pixilated dots to mimic powder-filled brows - creating a softer powdered look with no harsh outline. Many clients combine this method with Digital Hair Strokes to produce flawless and fuller-looking brows

The Rewards of Permanent Makeup for Brows

Digital Hair Strokes and Ombré Powdered Brows have many cosmetic benefits:

  • You can wake up every morning with great eyebrows.
  • You will have fabulous eyebrows on all day, every day.
  • They won’t fade from swimming, showering, or exercising. 
  • They provide a filled-in look that can be soft and subtle, or more intense depending on your style.
  • Digital Hair Strokes and Ombré Powdered Brows don’t hurt as much as you’d think.
  • We adhere to the highest safety standards in the industry. And most importantly - we love clean. 
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Digital Nano Hair Strokes FAQs

Ombre Brows
Ombre Brows

Are Digital Nano Hair Strokes Better Than Microblading?
Absolutely. Digital Hair Strokes are micro-thin hair strokes with better pigment retention and less trauma to the skin. Also the individual hair strokes look very natural and realistic – thanks to the precision instrument technology.

Do Digital Nano Hair Strokes Hurt?
Not as much as you’d think. Our clients describe the feeling as a slight stinging or scratching sensation. To ensure you’re comfortable, the artist will apply a numbing cream. Many clients get very relaxed and fall asleep during the treatment.

How Long Does Permanent Makeup Last?
Permanent makeup can last to 2 to 3 years without fading, depending on your skin type and aftercare. At Colibri Spa, we only use the highest quality pigments to insure the very best results.

What About Aftercare?
The golden rule is to keep the brows clean and moist. Our artist will provide you A&D ointment and detailed aftercare instructions. During the healing process, stay out of the direct sun and avoid any excess water around the treatment area.

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