Sarasota's Best Mink Lash Extensions

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Hybrid Lash Extensions Full Set

If you’re ready to look fabulous for all occasions, with less eyelash upkeep, then consider our Hybrid Lash Extension Full Set. We only use the best natural lash extension material – real mink hair. Mink is super lightweight, fluffy, and it mimics the look of your natural lashes. They are so lightweight - you won’t even know your wearing them. Our mink lashes will provide you an absolutely gorgeous look even without using makeup. Hybrid mink lash extensions are a mix between Classic lash extensions a Volume set. They are the perfect choice for light volume and a wispy, glamorous look.

$220 - 120 minutes

Real Mink Eyelashes

At Colibri Spa, we only use real European mink hairs because they create the most beautiful looking lashes for every client. These lashes are soft, fine, and silky. They also have a natural shiny texture, giving them a more glossy look. With the proper care, mink lashes are long lasting, with refills required every 2 -3 weeks. Mink lashes are a great choice if your lashes are fine and weak. All mink lashes are pre-selected, inspected, and sanitized allowing them for safe application on your existing lashes.

Eyelash Extensions Sarasota

Classic Lash Extensions
Full Set

With this set, thinner and softer eyelashes are used, applying a few extensions on one natural lash, or one thicker extension on one natural lash. This set will make them look a bit fuller and fluttery, but at the same time very natural.

Hybrid Lash Extensions
Full Set

This set is a mix between Classic Lash Extensions and a Volume Set. A Hybrid Set can be the perfect option to achieve light volume and a wispy glamorous look. You'll look fabulous for any event!

Volume Lash Extensions
Full Set

This style of eyelash extensions gives you fuller, fluffier, and darker eyelashes, adding more volume while making your lashes look more visible. Works well with everyday makeup, and for special occasions like weddings and events.

The Benefits of Getting Mink Lash Extensions

woman getting mink eyelash extensions

What are the best beauty benefits of getting eyelash extensions at Colibri Day Spa? 

  • Mink lashes look so realistic, most people can’t tell you have them on
  • They are extremely comfortable to wear. You can wear them all day
  • They come in various lengths and thickness
  • This is the most natural, comfortable way to enhance your lashes
  • They won’t irritate your eyes or skin
  • We use the highest quality adhesive for maximum retention
  • When you take great care of them – they last a long time

Mink Eyelash Extensions FAQs

Are mink eyelashes made from real mink?
Yes, we use 100% premium mink lash extensions. These are the finest quality lashes, imported from eastern Europe.

How long do mink eyelashes last?
You can enjoy your beautiful mink lashes for two to three weeks, with the proper care.

Will this damage my natural lashes?
Absolutely not. When done by a professional, mink lashes will not compromise your natural lashes. In fact, many clients notice their natural lashes becoming more healthy after their first visit.

How do you sleep with mink lashes?
We recommend resting your face and lashes on a silk pillowcase. This allows your lashes to glide and slide while you are sleeping.

woman receiving eyelash extensions at day spa
woman receiving eyelash extensions at day spa

Colibri Day Spa & Beauty Shop offers numerous ways to make your lashes look better than ever with mink lash extensions. You can schedule an appointment with us anytime to take advantage of this premium service and enjoy gorgeous new eyelashes.