The Total Indulgence Spa Package


Total Indulgence

  • Relaxation Massage 60 min
  • Colibri Signature Facial 90 min
  • Fiji Manicure 50 min
  • Fiji Pedicure 60 min

$295 - 4 hours 20 minutes
Prices are Per Person

A Truly Memorable Experience

The Total Indulgence is an experience you will always remember. You will be treated and catered to your every need. Drift away as you enjoy a soothing massage, full-service facial, followed by luxurious Fiji manicure and Fiji pedicure. These impressive treatments will make you feel like you’re floating on air.

woman receiving relaxing massage at day spa

The Spa Treatments

woman getting relaxing massage at day spa

The Total Indulgence Experience

The Relaxation Massage
Likely to be the most relaxing experience you’ll ever have. In a tranquil massage room filled with serenity, you’ll receive a full body, neck, shoulder, foot, arm, leg, and hand massage.

The Colibri Signature Facial
This exclusive skin care treatment includes deep cleansing, face and back exfoliation, masque, serums, ultrasound infusion, microcurrent and high-frequency modalities.

The Fiji Manicure
Paradise for your nails. We hydrate and nourish your hands with super-moisturizing Pure Fiji Body Butter. Nails are trimmed and polished to perfection.

The Fiji Pedicure
Delight your toes and feet with this impeccable pedicure, Fiji Sugar Scrub exfoliation and a warm luxurious Fiji Body Butter masque for your feet.

A Five-Star Day at Colibri Spa


The Total Indulgence Package is the ultimate spa experience. Think blissful hours of feel-good, hands-on treatments that you wish will go on forever. As you journey through the spa, you will feel yourself smiling and glowing inside. It’s a beautiful feeling - to know you are loved and well-cared for 

woman smiling near flowers

At Colibri Spa - We Love What We Do. And You Can Feel It.