The Perfect Massage Awaits You at Colibri Day Spa

The perfect massage can be the perfect experience. It can be just what you need, and one of the best self-care choices you’ve ever made. Having a “real” relaxation massage, deep tissue massage, or couples massage can be extraordinary, especially when your massage therapist knows exactly what they’re doing. We know you’ll become completely relaxed, as you drift away to that peaceful place your spirit is longing for. After your spa service, you’ll probably want to take a nap. Sounds nice, doesn’t it?

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I Wanna Try That! Impressive Results With Micro Current Technology

Introducing the Galvanic Facial, one of the most exciting new treatments at Colibri Day Spa. Loved by celebrities and influencers alike, this “Electrical” facial is one of the fastest trending skin care treatments in the beauty industry. If you haven’t tried it, you’re in for a treat. This luxurious high-tech facial brings noticeable skin lifting and tightening, creating some of the best results you’ve ever seen.

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Why Digital Nano Hair Strokes Can Be Better Than Microblading Eyebrows

So, you’ve probably heard of Microblading for eyebrows, but how much do you know about Digital Nano Hair Strokes? Microblading is a well-known popular service that can work quite well for adjusting the look of your brows. However, there’s another permanent makeup technique that our clients absolutely love. This highly effective and precision-detailed eyebrow service is called Digital Nano Hair Strokes. It can really improve the look of your brows and enhance your natural beauty.

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Entertain Your Senses at Colibri Day Spa

Are you dreaming about a magical place where you can be completely relaxed and pampered? Are you ready to experience the best spa treatments in Sarasota? Can you make some time for a one-hour facial, or perhaps a luxury spa package? If you’ve answered yes, yes and yes – you are in the right place. … Read more