Find the Best Facial in Sarasota at Colibri Day Spa

There are many terrific reasons to invest in a relaxing facial and other cosmetic treatments once in a while. We’d like to remind you why we’re the preferred place to do that anywhere around Sarasota. So, here are some spectacular benefits to getting a facial with us, including two of our most popular services.

Colibri Day Spa Facial

Benefits of Getting a Facial With Colibri

The Most Comprehensive Skin Cleaning

This is a great way to augment (but not replace) your facial wash. Just like you would visit a dentist for advanced teeth cleaning, our facial procedures offer more lucrative ways to loosen/remove deep-seated dirt. After a day with us, your home skin-care regimen will become even more effective.

It Not Only Cleans, But Exfoliates Sensitive Skin

Of course, it doesn’t end with merely addressing dirt and contaminants. Facials are a superior way to remove dead skin cells. This is essential for promoting healthy cell development and avoiding the dreaded appearance of dry skin.

Finally Gain the Upper Hand on Acne

Instead of trying a myriad of ineffective “DIY” strategies for acne removal, we invite you to let us help with clearing up blackheads. Facial treatment is a safer way to handle them without suffering through acne scars and other unsightly red marks.

It’s a Phenomenal Way to Relax

This is often the top selling point for most of our services. You cannot mistake how exhausted and overworked folks are sometimes. Facials are a great way to counteract this, because it’s a proven way to reduce stress. Many of our Sarasota clients tell us they sleep like a baby later on after visiting us for facial treatment.

Try our Signature Facial & Dermaplaning Services

Now, we want to highlight two of our favorite offerings: the Colibri Signature Facial and Dermaplaning.

Colibri Signature Facial – Here’s your chance to enjoy 90 splendid minutes of facial care with a trained beautician. You’re almost guaranteed to leave with an entirely new skin glow thanks to several novel techniques like ultrasound infusion, exfoliation, masque, and high-frequency modalities.

Dermaplaning Facial – If you’re ready to be free of all that stubborn “peach fuzz,” then it’s time to explore dermaplaning. It’s a 60-minute advanced facial treatment designed to penetrate old skin cells and rejuvenate your face.

We hope this entices you to try a facial and spa day with us sometime soon.

Colibri Day Spa & Beauty Shop specializes in many dedicated spa treatments and offers plenty of skin/body care products to take home afterwards. That’s why we’re Sarasota’s best all-around resource for cosmetics and wellness. You’re welcome to contact us anytime for more information regarding all of our products and facial services.