Why You Should Drink Water After a Massage

Chances are if you’ve ever had a massage before, your massage therapist mentioned you drink plenty of water after. When getting a massage, you are allowing your body to release stored toxins. Drinking water after a massage might seem strange, but it’s more beneficial for your body than you think as it aids in the release of these toxins.

How do these toxins leave your body, and why is water crucial in this process? What are the other benefits of drinking water after a massage? Well, there are primarily three reasons to drink plenty of water after a massage.

Woman Drinking Water

The Three Main Reasons Why You Need to Drink Water After a Massage

Is your curiosity piqued? Are you wondering why drinking water after a massage is so crucial? If so, have a look below to find out more on why you need to reach for that glass of water when you visit a masseuse next.

Helps With Removal of Metabolic Waste

Did you know that your muscles produce metabolic waste when you participate in daily activities? Metabolic waste occurs when your muscles tighten or form knots that constrict circulation. When circulation is constricted, your body can’t flush out the build-up of metabolic waste.

When you get a massage, you are relieving tight muscles and getting rid of knots. Yet, the stored waste and toxins built up in your body have nowhere to go once released. This is where drinking water comes in. After a massage, when you drink water, you’re providing your kidneys the water they need to flush out the metabolic waste and toxins properly.

Prevents Excess Soreness

It’s sometimes common to feel sore after a massage as your body effectively releases tension and gets rid of unwanted toxins. Sometimes getting a massage can create temporary soreness, but it should go away in a day or two. Therefore, drinking water after your massage is very important. By drinking more water, you’re helping to prevent and alleviate any extra soreness.

It Rehydrates You

Not many people realize that the process of getting a massage dehydrates the body. When a massage therapist kneads and works your aching muscles – tension is released, and fluid is moved out of the soft tissues and into the circulatory system.

Once it enters your circulatory system, it travels to your kidneys which is why you likely feel the urge to urinate a massage treatment. The only way to replenish all the lost water and rejuvenate and rehydrate your body is to drink plenty of water.

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