Take a Wellness Break with These Spa Packages

Are you under a lot of stress and need a wellness break to cool your engines? We know how you feel. Between job stress, bad news in the world, and a whole bunch of other challenges, it’s easy to become burnt out from everything.

Wellness at Colibri Spa

That’s why at Colibri Day Spa & Beauty Shop we provide everyone in Sarasota a chance to step back and relax with a nice trip to the spa. Let’s look at why you should consider taking a wellness break, and then check out some of the spa packages we offer.

Reasons to Take a Spa Day

Planning some time right after work (or maybe an entire day off) for a spa trip can provide you a plethora of mental and physical health benefits.

Rest and relaxation are the #1 reasons for visiting Colibri Spa according to our loyal patrons. Whether it’s for something like body sculpting or just a great massage or facial, it’s very easy to knock away a few layers of stress here.

Spoil/Reward Yourself a Bit
Maybe you’re not overly stressed – but you want to reward yourself for a great achievement like a promotion or paying off a car loan. Why not use that extra money to pamper yourself a little? This could be a once-a-month spa trip or even an occasional recuperation day with us.

Enhance Your Appearance
We don’t call ourselves a beauty shop for nothing. Colibri Spa is the perfect place for shoring up your skin radiance for men and women alike. We often get great feedback for our eyebrow/eyelash treatments. Let’s admit it…there are a lot of beautiful-looking people in Florida, so you don’t want to fall behind the power curve in that department.

Colibri Day Spa Packages

So, what do we offer you specifically? Check out these awesome packages:

The Total Indulgence
Four hours of spa treatment: Fiji Manicure, Fiji Pedicure, Relaxation Massage, and Colibri Signature Facial

The Serenity Retreat
Almost two-and-half hours of Classic Manicure, Classic Pedicure, and Relaxation Massage.

The Body Bliss
Greater than three hours dedicated to Rejuvenation Facial, Relaxation Massage, Classic Manicure, and Classic Pedicure.

The Mother & Daughter Getaway
A great mother-daughter day trip featuring an Express Facial, Fiji Manicure, Fiji Pedicure, and Relaxation Massage.

. . . and more! These are a sample of the couple dozen spa options we provide.

Colibri Day Spa & Beauty Shop is the best place to go in Sarasota to melt off the stress and walk away rejuvenated. Whether you want to spend a nice hour or two with a highly-trained masseuse or just want to pick up some skin care products, we have it all. Call us at any time to learn more at 941-800-1818.