Revel in Luxury: Visit the Best Day Spa in Sarasota

A dose of luxurious pampering becomes a necessity on occasion. The benefits span across the physical, mental, and emotional realms – offering a rejuvenating escape for facials, massages, pedicures, manicures, and a myriad of more. Explore just a handful of motives to experience the epitome of relaxation at Colibri, the Best Day Spa in Sarasota.

Woman relaxing at spa visit

Greatest Benefits to Enjoying a Spa Visit with Us

Address the Stress – This always goes at the top of the list because it flows from every service we offer. Whether you opt for a cosmetic facial, a relaxing massage, or anything else, we emphasize the value of de-stressing before you leave. Let us do the work, while you relax in some comfy furniture and forget your worries for a while.

Rejuvenate Your Skin – Skin care is another fundamental concern for our clients. That’s why our facials are designed to reverse the signs of aging, and take care of difficult conditions like redness, itchiness, and hyperpigmentation. This also involves using dedicated skincare products like cleansers, moisturizers, exfoliants, and breakout-clearing foam.

Counter Those Frequent Headaches – Yes, massage therapy can even help you minimize and prevent headaches. You can experience this advantage whenever you indulge in either a full-body or head/scalp massage. The key to this revolves around relieving tension at the most common pressure spots throughout the body. That’s what our friendly professionals know how to do without exposing you to any discomfort.

Other Pain Relief Benefits – Pain relief is a tremendous advantage, especially when you don’t have to resort to harsh medications. Don’t take our word for it, either. You can see from our testimonials that our clients really enjoy our massages and what it does to reduce all those aches and pains.

Reinvigorate Blood Circulation – We can’t emphasize this enough, nowadays. Poor circulation afflicts so many Americans who struggle with various forms of inflammation. Massage treatment can promote better red blood cell activity, contributing to muscle healing, better breathing, greater heart functionality, and so forth.

That’s just a sample of the many reasons to try a spa visit, especially if you’ve never done so previously. We have several spa packages that give you a combination of Fiji manicures/pedicures, deep-tissue massages, advanced facial treatments, and so much more:

Total Indulgence (over four hours of luxury treatment!)
Dreams Come True
Mother & Daughter Getaway
Stress Buster
• . . . and more!

We’d love to share more about these fantastic spa treatments the next time you come see us at Colibri Day Spa & Beauty Shop. Call anytime at 941-800-1818 to ask other questions or schedule an appointment with one of our talented facial/massage specialists.