Hello Healthy Nails!

You deserve some self-care. Manicures are an excellent way to take care of yourself and enjoy beautiful healthy nails. You can say hello to healthy nails with the Dazzle Dry Manicure at Colibri Day Spa & Beauty Shop.

Dazzle Dry Sahara Manicure

The Dazzle Dry Manicure is a special manicure designed to offer high-performance wear and top-quality protection, which allows your nails to become stronger and healthier over time. This specially formulated manicure was created by Dr. Vivian Valenty.

When you invest in a manicure, you want something that is going to last. Dazzle Dry is chip-free for up to two weeks. This long-lasting performance is worth every penny and beats out gel, dip, and traditional polishes.

In addition to its long-lasting design, Dazzle Dry is also quick drying. Many of us do not have the time to sit and wait for our nails to dry. If you are a person on the go, opt for Dazzle Dry to maximize your time. Dazzle Dry dries in just five minutes, without exposure to UV lamps.

It is important to care for yourself with nontoxic products. Dazzle Dry does not contain any harmful chemicals or skin sensitizing ingredients like MEK, xylene, phthalates, ethyl tosylamide, toluene, and formaldehyde. It is also a humane way to care for your nails. Dazzle Dry is never tested on animals and all products are free from beeswax, collagen, glycerin, lanolin, stearic acid, urea, guanine, and carmine.

If you are looking for top-quality nail care that is long-lasting, non-yellowing, healthy, and safe, a Dazzle Dry Manicure is for you. You can schedule a manicure at Colibri Day Spa & Beauty Shop online, or you can reach us by phone at 941-800-1818. We look forward to helping you achieve strong and healthy nails!