Get Better Sleep with a Spa Day

It’s no secret that many Americans struggle to get enough sleep each night. We may have a slight advantage living in a relaxing place like Sarasota, FL, but even folks around here have difficulties in this department.

Sleep Spa Day Colibri in Sarasota

The good news is there are ways to address the problem, including spa treatments that will help you relax. You don’t have to let stress and anxiety keep you up all night when there are therapeutic measures to alleviate problems.

Why Sleep Matters So Much

There is a myriad of reasons to take sleep seriously, regardless of age or gender. We all need it, and experts at the Sleep Foundation consider sleep an essential function for remaining healthy, avoiding disease, and ensuring optimal brain function.

Get Better Sleep with a Spa Day at Colibri!

We mentioned in one of our previous posts how visiting us for a spa day can change your life. As we always say, it’s because spa treatments allow you to relax, address symptoms of depression, help improve your mood, and even improve confidence. Spa services like these can also help you get more from your sleep routine:

Couples’ Massage
We think married folks could use help on this because it’s easy to lose sleep when caring for children, working, and juggling various responsibilities. This is a great way to relieve tension (muscular and mental), detoxify, and walk away feeling way better. Our featured couples’ massage is only $100 per person for 60-minute sessions. There are also options for longer sessions.

Therapeutic Stretch Massage
Are you having trouble with poor posture, tight muscles, or even bouts of inflammation? Then it’s probably causing you to lose sleep. Fortunately, you can reverse the problem with our stretch massage which takes only 30 minutes, but will dramatically improve blood circulation. This is also an excellent option for athletes trying to recover from certain sports injuries.

Prenatal Massage
This one is so important because pregnant mothers and babies require the greatest volume of sleep. This is a gentle and nurturing massage that focuses on sore spots, improving mobility, and better circulation.

Stress release, relaxation, and better sleep are all terrific reasons to visit us for spa treatment at Colibri Day Spa & Beauty Shop. We do everything including skincare, massage, waxing, nails, eyebrows, and more. Our approach is one of comprehensive restoration, allowing you to get more sleep and lead a healthier life. Feel free to ask us about a spa day at Colibri by contacting us at 941-800-1818.