Four Signs Your Skin is Tired

Tired-looking skin often results from the lack of adequate sleep. Rather than attempting to hide the signs of sleeplessness with cover-up makeup, there are alternative methods that remedy the skin itself until sleep takes over to work its rejuvenating magic. Colibri Day Spa & Beauty Shop provides helpful tips below that alleviate four common signs of tired skin.

Women's Skin Care

When skin is dehydrated it causes the pigmentation underneath the eyes to appear darker than it actually is and dark circles seem to appear as a result. By drinking adequate amounts of water you can hydrate your skin and minimize the image of dark pigmentation. Additionally, using a brightening treatment such as Stress Positive Eye Lift will assist in quenching the skin and re-establishing a refreshing look under the eyes.

Tired skin preserves water close to the eyes as a means to keep the skin hydrated. Unfortunately, this event is responsible for creating swelling in the eye area. This puffiness also emits shadows underneath the eyes that can cause visible dark circles to look more pronounced. By applying a cool compress and Stress Positive Eye Lift to the affected area, you can lessen the dark and puffy appearance.

Fine lines also originate from the dehydration your skin goes through when absence of sleep disrupts its pH balance. A high-quality moisturizer used daily is effective for invigorating your face and body. Night creams such as Sound Sleep Cocoon are productive for moisturization as well. Adding this needed moisture tones down fine lines and motion-activated essential oils assist in encouraging necessary rest.

Accumulation of dead skin cells and buildup of products exacerbate problems when your body is not provided with ample time overnight to renew itself. Exfoliation of the skin is able to restore some of its former radiance. Dermalogica’s Daily Microfoliant® powder is effective with all skin conditions and maintains brightness and smoothness of the face. A Double Cleanse regimen with PreCleanse Balm is a preventative product that dissolves makeup and contamination in the days prior to and occurring during sleep loss.

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