Discover Microblading at Colibri Day Spa!

Do you want to wake up with perfect eyebrows every single day? You don’t have to worry about filling in your brows with makeup when you get the microblading treatment. Microblading is a semi-permanent makeup procedure that creates fierce, flawless, and natural-looking eyebrows. Discover microblading at Colibri Day Spa & Beauty Shop!

Microblading in Sarasota

The process of microblading includes the application of small, hair-like strokes of pigment to the brow area. These pigments are applied using a small blade, with even smaller blades on it. These small, precise blades allow for the application of pigment in a way that looks natural and flawless. The pigments are not applied as deeply into the skin as a tattoo, meaning the results will eventually fade. This means you do not have to commit to one style of brow for the rest of your life, but you can enjoy fierce and stylish brows for a year or more. Because microblading does not place pigments into the skin deeply, it is also virtually painless!

Microblading is appealing because it is low maintenance and easy. Unlike threading, waxing, or tinting, you do not need to visit your microblading artist on a bi-weekly or monthly basis. The results of microblading can last for years. You can also swim and sweat without worrying about your eyebrows fading once your microbladed eyebrows heal.

When you receive microblading at Colibri, you will work with a professional and skilled microblading artist. Your artist can help you decide on a brow shape and tint that is most suitable for your face shape and hair color. A professional brow artist can help you achieve the most flattering and fierce brows possible. If you are considering microblading, you can schedule an appointment with Colibri Day Spa by calling 941-800-1818. We are located at 3590 S Tuttle Avenue in Sarasota, and we look forward to helping you achieve your dream brows!