You Deserve a Spa Day!

2020 has been a tough year in so many ways. If you have been trying to juggle a job, children, family pressures, and quarantines you may be stressed and tired. You deserve a spa day! Perhaps you are thinking that’s not possible with all the responsibilities you have day to day. But, your mental and physical health is important and a day at Colibri Day Spa may be just the thing you need. Here are a few reasons why you are ready for a day with us.

Couples Massage in Sarasota

Work is hard, and you work hard

Your job keeps food on the table and clothes on your family, but it also takes a toll on you. Demanding bosses, irritated customers, and uncertain supply chains all add up to bad days. If you have a personal day due to you, come spend it at Colibri Day Spa and get pampered. Spending a day with us is a deserving break from your everyday routine, and that alone can be a psychological boost to keep you going.

You haven’t allowed yourself to have a “me” day

If you haven’t had a spa day, or at least not in a long time, now is the time to come to Colibri Day Spa. You may not realize or remember what an emotional boost will come after a day of spa treatments, but you will feel refreshed and renewed after a day with us. Psychologists say that personal time is key to getting through stress, and there is no better way than to spend time at Colibri Day Spa.

You want and deserve it

You work hard every day and take care of your family, so you deserve a day for yourself! You don’t need any more reason than that to visit us at Colibri Day Spa. You are deserving of personal care from our spa professionals. If you need more motivation, consider the benefits of our Total Indulgence Package:

  • Relaxation massage for 60 minutes
  • Fiji manicure for 50 minutes
  • Fiji pedicure for 60 minutes
  • Colibri Signature Facial for 90 minutes

In a little over four hours, you can return to your normal life feeling invigorated. If you are ready for your day of pampering call Colibri Day Spa at 941-800-1818. We call ourselves “an oasis of tranquility in the heart of Sarasota”. Come to Colibri Day Spa and learn how true that can be for you! We are also pleased to offer gift cards to make gifting easy this holiday season. Treat the ones you love by purchasing a gift card for their next pampering session. Order online on our website or visit us at 3590 S Tuttle Avenue in Sarasota.