Why Massage Feels So Good

Do you ever wonder why massage feels so good? It might seem like just a simple ache and pain release, but there’s more to it than that. There are multiple physical and psychological elements that explain why a massage can transform your entire mood and disposition.

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Why Massage Feels So Good

Mindfulness & Awareness
Many of us dwell on bad memories or focus excessively on the future. Mindfulness gives you the chance to ground yourself mentally and emotionally. Since we are a composite of mind, body, and soul, we can do certain things like massage, meditation, prayer, and contemplation that recharge all three simultaneously. Massage is the best physical example of how to relax and achieve more awareness.

Happy Chemicals
Those feel-good brain chemicals like Dopamine and Serotonin usually flow quite nicely when you enjoy a wonderful massage. In addition, it helps to better regulate stress/hormone chemicals such as Cortisol. This is also a great relief for inflammation and pain sufferers. In some regards, it’s like taking medication to knock out pain without becoming addicted to a new substance.

Pleasant Aromas
Have you been around some of the rich, natural, and fragrant body care products we use? They’re amazing and have many purposes. Just the pleasant aromas alone help to reduce stress and allows you to enjoy the calm ambiance around you. This also includes fragrant essential oils like Eucalyptus and Lavender. In fact, both are known to help folks struggling to fall asleep at night. Many of our massage products contain similar essential oils.

Improved Cognitive Function
It’s important to remember that how you treat your body impacts the brain and everything else inside. Massage techniques are constantly evolving, but one of the greatest advantages is the ability to really get the blood moving again. Once you improve circulation through massage, your brain receives more oxygenated blood, and begins to function much better. Even just a quick rub-down can do so much to inspire clearer thinking and creativity.

These are the best reasons to visit Colibri for an outstanding massage with one of our talented masseuses. It makes sense to recuperate this way, especially after several long days of work.

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