Mind-Booking: Use the Power of Your Mind at Colibri Day Spa

Now You Can Book Your Appointment with The Power of Your Mind! It’s called Mind-Booking, and it’s exclusively offered at Colibri Day Spa. If you’ve been thinking about enjoying some much-deserved Me-Time, now is your chance. Your subconscious mind is speaking to you. So just listen.

Mind Booking Colibri Day Spa Sarasota

Sit quietly, take a few deep breaths and picture yourself at Colibri Day Spa. See yourself enjoying some tranquil spa treatments. You can melt away with a peaceful Relaxation massage, a Colibri Signature Facial and a Fiji Pedicure. And you know you’re getting close to your final goal: of having a memorable experience with us. We call this Mind-Booking.

Mind-Booking is a brand-new feature at Colibri Spa, and it really works. All you need to do is use the Power of Your Mind and you’re booked (well almost). If you’re thinking about visiting our spa, you’re almost there. Let’s take closer look more at the Power of Your Mind and see how it can help you think more positive, achieve your goals and dreams, and get to Colibri Spa.

Most people underestimate the Power of The Mind. It is a very powerful tool. The power of positive thinking can literally transform your life. When you fill your mind with positive thoughts, your life will begin to change. In addition, a practice called the power of suggestion can manifest the most wonderful things you’ve ever dreamed of. By using visualization – repeatedly looking at and believing you will have these specific things, the goals of your higher self will be fulfilled.

One of the greatest things we can do to raise our awareness is think about how fortunate we are. A nice way is to write down a gratitude list and count our blessings. If you’ve never done a gratitude list before – just grab a piece of paper and start with “I am grateful for…” then fill in the blanks. You will be amazed how quickly your list grows, and how many things you write that you often take for granted.

Another great suggestion is creating a “Vision Board”. A vision board utilizes the power of suggestion and the law of attraction. If you’re interested in learning more about the rewards of a vision board, just click here. It can be truly life-changing.

At Colibri Spa, we believe in the Power of the Mind, and now we exclusively offer the option of Mind-Booking. Try it out for yourself. It really works. Explore our website, focus your thoughts, choose the spa package you’d love to enjoy, and you’re on the way. Mind-Booking can be very rewarding. It will give you:

  • The Power of Self-Improvement
  • The Power of Relaxing and Taking it Easy
  • The Power of Changing Your Thoughts
  • The Power to Overcome Challenges
  • And Most Important, The Power of Booking Your Visit to Colibri Spa

Expect the best and get the best. Believe in yourself because we believe in you. Set your mind to your goals and you will achieve them all. At Colibri Spa, we can help you feel more beautiful, relaxed, and well-grounded. Treat yourself and give us a call today at 941-800-1818 or you can schedule your visit online.

Special Note: Mention Mind-Booking and Save $10 off your next visit.