Microblading – Perfect Eyebrows, Every Day

If you have heard of microblading but aren’t familiar with it, we offer some FAQs to provide more information about this cosmetic procedure offered by Colibri Day Spa.

Microblading in Sarasota

What is microblading?

Microblading is a semi-permanent technique used to enhance eyebrows or other facial features by impregnating colored pigments with a very fine blade. It differs from tattoos in that a tattoo uses a pigmented ink to create a permanent image, while microblading uses pigments alone that will fade over time. This allows us to touch up from time to time to allow for changes in your facial features or face tones.

How long does the process take?

On average, the first microblading appointment takes a couple of hours. Part of your initial visit is to used to measure your brows and pencil in an outline so we get a symmetrical look when we finish. Touch-up appointments later will take about an hour.

Why is a second appointment needed when microblading is performed?

We suggest scheduling two appointments about 8 weeks apart so that the initial visit can heal properly. Then you return and we will touch up your brows to get the right color or shape you prefer. This second appointment is included with the cost of your initial visit.

How long can I expect a microblading treatment to last?

Microblading is considered a semi-permanent treatment but it will fade over time. How long your microblading lasts depends on several factors including skin type (oily skin fades faster), amount of sun exposure, the color of the pigments used (light colors fade faster), and if you use anti-aging products such as Retin-A or Alpha-Hydroxy that cause a faster cellular turnover and therefore faster fading.

Does microblading hurt?

We use topical anesthetics during the procedure to reduce pain, and most clients experience very minor pain issues. Smokers or women having a menstrual cycle can have enhanced pain, so let us know if you have these issues.

Can I exercise after microblading?

We ask that you not do heavy exercise for seven days after any microblading procedure because the salt in your sweat can quickly fade the pigments. Light exercise followed by an immediate warm water rinse of the microbladed areas should cause minimal issues.

What safety precautions do you take to protect me?

All of our microblading equipment and associated supplies such as wipes are only used once for each patient and are then safely destroyed. We ask that pregnant women avoid any microblading or tattoo procedures for their safety.

What should I do to prepare for microblading?

  • If you have seen pictures of either brow shapes or colors you prefer, bring the photos with you. You can also fill in your eyebrows as you prefer them to look.
  • Avoid any other treatments such as waxing, threading, tinting, or shaping for at least 72 hours before your treatment.
  • Avoid any planned vacations for at least 10 days after the initial treatment to allow for the aftercare visit.
  • Please no tanning or direct sun for two weeks before the procedure, and you will have to delay treatment if you have a sunburn.
  • There are several chemicals and foods you must avoid before any microblading:
    • If you have taken prescription Accutane, Minomycin, or any acne medication containing tetracycline, you should wait at least one full year before any tattoo procedure.
    • Stop using Retinol for two weeks before and after any treatment.
    • Stop Botox for at least two weeks before treatment.
    • No chemical peels for at least a month before treatment.
    • Avoid taking any blood thinners for at least 24 hours before treatment — this includes caffeine, alcohol, vitamin E, fish oil, aspirin, and ibuprofen.
    • Talk with your doctor if you feel you have any medical issues that may be affected by microblading.

What can I expect after the treatment?

The microbladed areas may feel sunburnt for a few days along with some redness and swelling. The complete healing process takes 6-8 weeks, and the color will soften over time and as the skin cells regenerate. Don’t panic if the color doesn’t appear correct at the beginning. The skin of each person is different and the pigments are retained differently, which is why later treatments are needed for optimum results.

You should only use a warm water rinse and a pat dry for the first week after treatment. Then apply the ointment we will provide you. The second week is the same except you can skip the ointment. Do not scratch or pick at any rough skin or scabs — you must allow the skin to heal without interruption to avoid scars or other problems. Avoid having a shower spray hit the treated area for a week or two, and don’t apply any makeup to the area for at least two weeks. Wear a hat outdoors and avoid any sun exposure while the treated area heals. Also, don’t swim or use chlorinated hot tubs for at least two weeks.

For more information on microblading or any of our spa services, please call Colibri Day Spa at 941-800-1818.