Join Together with a Couples Massage

If you have a friend, loved one or significant other – you may want to consider having a Couples Massage at Colibri Day Spa in Sarasota. There are so many reasons you should get a Couples Massage with your loved one. Here are just a few:

Couples Massage Sarasota

Sharing a New Experience

Couples always benefit from sharing a new experience together, and a Couples Massage is a great way to have a new experience while getting all the rewards of a professional massage. Our therapists will help you become more relaxed, relieve tension and stress, and provide muscle and joint pain relief.

Feel Increased Affection and Attraction

When getting a massage, a natural hormone called oxytocin is released. Some professionals call this the “cuddle hormone”. It is naturally produced when couples are affectionate. Getting a Couples Massage is a great way to increase those feelings of affection during and after the massage session.

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Stress Relief

The benefits of stress relief are well known for massage, but the tension and stress couples face day to day can also be greatly reduced by having a Couples Massage. Couples often feel a lot more relaxed and interact much better after having a great massage together.

Time Together

With such busy schedules, it may be difficult for couples to spend quality time together without all the usual distractions. A Couples Massage is a great way to spend quality time together and get an hour or two without the stress and distractions of everyday life.

Spend Time in the Present

Couples can spend lots of time planning for the future – or worrying about what happened in the past. A Couples Massage can be the perfect answer to focus on simply being in the present moment – and enjoying great quality time together.

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