How Beauty Brings Confidence

When you feel and look beautiful…there’s no doubt your confidence is high. We all know how looking and feeling your best is so important. Yes, there are many ways you can achieve that new look and be more attractive – new shoes, new dress, new hairstyle…but how about a luxury, high-quality facial from the experts at Colibri Day Spa & Beauty Shop? Come find out why we are the leading providers of skincare in Sarasota.

Happy Customer at Colibri Day Spa Sarasota

We all know that beauty brings you great confidence. Beauty can be described as looking “satisfied, happy, and full of joy”. Looking and feeling your best is essential. When you have healthy skin, bright eyes, and a smile on your face – life just becomes easier. Your burdens are lighter, you feel happier, more useful, and whole. The result is a brand new you. You have great confidence. You have a more positive outlook towards yourself and others. There’s a saying, “let the light that shines in you…shine right through you, to lift up the spirits of others”. Become that shining light by treating yourself to a delicious facial at Colibri Day Spa & Beauty Shop. We guarantee you feel amazing.

If you haven’t experienced a facial treatment at Colibri Spa, you are missing out. Our clients say all the time “that was the best facial I’ve ever had in my life”. The reason is we have the highest level of standards in the industry. In Germany and Eastern Europe, you will expect very high standards. This is what we provide – the finest facial services in Sarasota. Whether you choose the Dermaplaning Facial, the Colibri Signature Facial, or the Micro-Needling Facial with RF – you are in for a real treat. All our specialists are hand-selected and professionally trained with the highest level European techniques.

When you look beautiful on the outside, you have that healthy glow on the inside as well. And people will notice you. Don’t be surprised if someone says, “there’s something different about you”, “you look great”, or “hey, what’s going on with you, is there somebody new in your life?”. Well, you can say “Yes” if you’d like, or you can keep it to yourself that you’ve found a peaceful sanctuary at Colibri Day Spa.

Our team is here to help you become more happy, healthy, and beautiful. You deserve the very best. We want you to have the greatest spa experience of your life. Call us at (941) 800-1818 to schedule your visit. You can also easily bbook online We look forward to taking great care of you!