Give It A Glow – The Galvanic Facial

Is there a skin care treatment I can have that will really improve the way I look? Can I do something that will totally revitalize my skin, and give my skin a noticeable significant lift? The answer is yes. Introducing the Galvanic Facial, the most exciting skin care treatment at Colibri Day Spa in Sarasota.

galvanic facial

If you’ve been looking for something to help revitalize your skin, the Galvanic Facial is one of the most requested treatments at Colibri Spa. Using two galvanic “magic wands”, low-level microcurrents pass through the skin surface to stimulate collagen production and increase circulation – effectively lifting and tightening your skin. The Galvanic Facial works like a non-surgical face lift, keeping your skin looking younger and healthier. It helps nourish the skin by increasing circulation and boosting the supply of oxygen to skin cells.

Galvanic facials are the new buzzword in skincare, and the easiest technique to stimulate your facial muscles. But the Galvanic Facial goes way beyond that. The low-level micro currents stimulate collagen production, boost circulation, and minimize wrinkles. By boosting oxygen supply throughout the skin, this enhances moisture retention and improves skincare product absorption capacity.

The Galvanic Facial is a treatment based on the process at the two poles. They work like magnets. When the Galvanic Current is applied, there are two (2) Poles going to work – Positive and Negative.

The Positive Pole

  1. Tightens and Firms Tissue
  2. Soothes Nerves
  3. Reduces Redness
  4. Germicidal

The Negative Pole

  1. Softens and Relaxes Tissue
  2. Stimulates Follicles
  3. Stimulates Skin Cells
  4. Increases Blood Supply
  5. Germicidal

Discover the difference and improve your skin with The Galvanic Facial at Sarasota’s Best Day Spa. This service is the perfect solution for troublesome, oily skin. The Galvanic Facial is a complete 80-minute facial that breaks down clogged pores, clears congestion and includes extraction with a finishing enzyme masque. High frequency treatment can be included at no additional cost.

Call us today at 941-800-1818 to make your reservation, or you can book online here. It’s super easy. Find out why The Galvanic Facial combined with our professional Dermalogica products is the perfect answer to all your skin concerns.

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