Facials Provide Much More Than Just Smooth Skin!

Facials are quite popular at the Colibri Day Spa & Beauty Shop. Some of our customers think the only benefit to a facial treatment is smooth skin, but there is more benefit than just smooth skin. Let us show you some reasons why you should consider a facial the next time you visit.

Sarasota Facial

Provides a deep cleaning of your skin and clears facial pores

Regardless of the type of facial you receive, your skin will receive a deeper cleaning than you can perform at home. The exfoliation we achieve will remove embedded dirt and dead skin and cleanse the pores of your skin. We use professional-grade cleansers that will clean your skin while protecting it from damage. Your skin will look and feel fresh and clean.

Better blood circulation

Facials typically include a face massage that is very effective in improving blood circulation to the facial skin and muscles. This improved circulation brings more oxygen and nutrients to the face which is great for improving the health of your skin and underlying tissues.

Slows the effects of aging

As we age, the body produces less collagen in the skin which results in increased lines and wrinkles. The better blood circulation after a facial will improve collagen production and cellular nutrition that leads to younger-looking skin.

Improves skin absorption

Facials not only clean your skin but also make it smoother and more receptive to your normal facial moisturizers and treatments. You will find that your skin absorbs beneficial moisturizers better which results in better-looking skin.

Removes toxins and acne

Toxins cause your skin to be dry and flaky and they contribute to acne blemishes. A facial will remove those toxins, clear away blackheads and blemishes, and rejuvenate your skin.

There are so many good reasons to get a facial treatment from the Colibri Day Spa & Beauty Shop. If you have more questions about our facials or wish to make an appointment, please call 941-800-1818.