Facials Offer a Lot More Than Just Soft Skin

Colibri Day Spa & Beauty Shop wants you to know that facials offer a lot more than just soft skin. There’s an array of health benefits that come from taking the time to get a good facial from a quality provider like our Sarasota day spa. We’ve outlined a few reasons you should consider getting a facial this month.

Woman at Sarasota Spa

Provides A Deep Cleanse

Who can doubt the importance of ridding your skin of all the dirt and dead skin that builds over the course of time? Exfoliating with a deep cleansing can have a significant impact on the look, feel, and health of your skin.

Improves Blood Circulation

Facials improve blood circulation because they don’t stop at cleansing. During your treatment, you also get a relaxing facial massage. It really gets the blood flowing and is very beneficial to your skin when done correctly.

Fights Signs of Aging

Stimulating blood circulation will reinvigorate your skin’s generation of an important substance known as collagen. Once you do that, you’ll start to notice your skin appear younger and rejuvenated.

Improves Absorption

Facials will also help with the absorption of your various skincare products. Smooth skin always absorbs moisturizers and serums better.

Clears Out Pores

The steam used during a facial can really help open up your pores and free your skin of excess makeup as well as any dirt, sweat, and other pollutants.

Reduces Acne

Once you clear out your pores with a good facial (which typically involves a cleanser known as salicylic acid), most of the problems you experienced with acne will begin to alleviate as well.

Detoxifies Skin

Have you heard all the rage about essential oils and their detoxification properties? Well, many beauty shops are incorporating them into their facial products, which greatly aids in detoxifying your skin. Whether it’s eucalyptus oil or lavender, essential oils are fast becoming a staple in the facial cleansing business.

Provides Relaxation

Perhaps this will be your favorite perk of all. Stress takes its toll on your mind and body: skin, bones, and brain function alike. Getting a facial can assist with mood problems as well as lower anxiety.

So, there you have it. Soft skin is truly a blessing. You can see how it correlates with clean and detoxified skin. Facials will accomplish all these things along with a myriad of mental health benefits!

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