Enhance Your Vacation at Colibri Day Spa

At Colibri Day Spa, we want you to have the most blissful vacation ever. Splash your feet in the warm Gulf waters, enjoy some fine dining, and delight in the majestic sunset at Siesta Beach. And don’t forget to include a visit to Colibri Day Spa in Sarasota. Our goal is to “boost your joy and happiness” during your time off. We want to make sure you say, “I’ve had the best vacation ever!”.

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One of the best ways you can enhance your vacation is to book a visit to Colibri Day Spa. We are the #1 Best Spa in Sarasota. Visit our website at colibrispa.com to explore all the services and spa packages we have to offer. We guarantee you will have the most memorable experience – a time filled with peace, caring, and deep relaxation.

Looking forward to your vacation can be exciting. Sometimes planning is the best part. It’s fun to think about what you can do during your spare time. Some folks will create a detailed schedule of exactly what they plan (or intend) to do. While others are more spontaneous – saying, “let’s just wait until we get there!” Well, this can be fun too – as you might be pleasantly surprised about the things you can discover.

At Colibri Spa & Beauty Shop, we have clients who drive right over from Sarasota Airport when they arrive. The Uber to the spa with their luggage in tow. What a great way to start off your vacation! And then we have clients enjoying our quality spa packages right before they fly home. They bring their luggage in, have some amazing spa services, and then drive Uber to the airport. It doesn’t matter how you do it – we guarantee a visit to Colibri Spa will make your vacation extra special.

Having a couples massage is an excellent choice. Our massage services are beyond exceptional. In a specialized dedicated room, you and your partner will indulge in a perfect relaxation or deep tissue massage, side by side, performed by two highly trained therapists. We get compliments all the time about how wonderful this experience is. We truly believe it helps two people get closer and share a special time together.

Many of our clients on vacation love our fabulous spa packages. The most popular is Total Indulgence. If you are ready, you will receive a Relaxation Massage 60 minutes, Colibri Signature Facial 90 minutes, Fiji Manicure 50 minutes, and Fiji Pedicure 60 minutes. This will be an experience you will not forget. Our staff will fully pamper you and your guest with a combination of all our favorite spa services.

Being on vacation is a time to get away, to destress, and find release from all the hustle and bustle of our normal daily lives. We all want you to relax and enjoy our vacation, and one of the best ways is to include a visit to Colibri Day Spa. If you are coming into Sarasota, give us a call at (941) 800-1818. We guarantee you will have the best time ever – and you won’t want to leave.