6 Science-Based Benefits of Massage

Massage isn’t just a way to relax and melt off some stress (though it certainly accomplishes that). There are numerous, verifiable and scientific benefits to having a massage with a professional masseuse who really knows what they’re doing.

Check out these 6 science-based benefits of massage.

Massage at Colibri Day Spa

Massage Benefits with Colibri Day Spa

Great Way to Address Back Pain

We’ve known for a while now that massage therapy greatly assists in alleviating lower back pain. One such study in 2009 demonstrated a positive relationship between massage treatment and reduced lower back pain.

Limit the Onset & Frequency of Headaches

There are many things that cause headaches, including exposure to paint fumes, mold, chemicals, and fast drops in barometric pressure. However, one of the main culprits is a lack of proper blood flow in and around the brain. Some might assume that massage only works to loosen up your muscles, but it’s also a great way to safely get the blood flowing better.

Sleep Better

We can’t imagine a massage being anything less than helpful for insomnia sufferers. This is somewhat related to the last point. Our techniques will help you beat insomnia by improving blood flow, which allows you to relax into slumber much easier.

Helps Stiff Joints

The key here is to address inflammation. While you’ll still need to address your posture, diet, and other habits, massage can improve joint problems. This is especially true for patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis.

Mitigate Depression Symptoms

There are a couple of things that explain why massage helps fight depression. First of all, we now have the option to use treatment items such as essential oils and hot stones for relaxation. Plenty of our patrons can testify to their effectiveness, too. Then, there’s the physiological benefit of raising endorphin levels while simultaneously cutting stress chemicals like cortisol and adrenaline.

Soothes Muscle Pain

Sometimes your muscles literally get tied into a painful, excruciating, myofascial knot. It only makes sense to untie such a knot with a gentle but effective massage. As you can probably tell, all the problems we’re mentioning relate to one another. When your muscles are twisted and tense, you’ll begin to experience blood circulation trouble, which spills over into brain function, inflammation, and so forth.

These are just a few of the great reasons to try a massage. When you visit Colibri Day Spa, you can also take advantage of our various body care products. These are terrific maintenance items you can use at home between visits, and they have many of the same relaxation benefits.

Colibri Day Spa & Beauty Shop performs the best massage you can get in Sarasota, FL. There’s no need to tolerate debilitating stress and bodily pain when you can address some of it with a nice massage. If you’d like to know more about any of our treatment procedures, call us at 941-800-1818.